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  • EVS International Receives 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for Solder Recovery Innovation

    EVS 18KLF MedRes

    EVS International, the leader in solder recovery, received a 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Soldering – Other for its EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System. The award ceremony took place during the productronica event in Munich, solidifying EVS’s position as an industry leader in the field of solder recovery technology.

    The EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System offers a totally sealed cabinet, ingeniously enclosing the dross bucket and fume extraction, ensuring a safe and efficient solder recovery process. The revolutionary Tilting Pot Mechanism eliminates the need for space- consuming twin opposed air rams and doors, enhancing overall system efficiency and productivity.

    One of the key innovations that set the EVS 18KLFHS apart is its ability to invert and rotate the dross/solder pot, coupled with a novel hot air activated auto drain tap, resulting in the creation of clean ingot bars. This patented technology enables the recovery of up to 80 percent of solder from the dross, achieving an impressive level of efficiency in the solder recycling process.

    Furthermore, the EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System features a larger 18-kilo/40lbs pot, empowering customers to recover more dross and attain a faster return on investment (ROI). With fewer components to manage, EVS has observed improved running times and an astonishing availability rate of 90% and above, contributing to its reputation for unmatched reliability in the industry.

    The new price-performance ratio in a lead-free version also enhances the appeal of the EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System, providing every user of Waves/Selective solder machines, from small job shops to those employing both lead and lead-free units, with a compelling reason to invest in this cutting-edge technology. The system promises to deliver pure solder and an impressive return in months, not years, elevating production efficiency and contributing to a sustainable future.

    The EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System also plays a significant role in streamlining operations by reducing dedrossing time by an astounding 75%. This achievement has garnered tremendous appreciation from users and industry experts, further cementing EVS International’s position as a frontrunner in soldering technology.

    The GLOBAL Technology Awards, established in 2005, celebrate the finest innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries. EVS International’s success at this renowned awards contest reflects the company’s commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and driving the industry forward with pioneering solutions.

    “This accolade is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of soldering technology,” said Simon Norman, Managing Director, EVS International. “The EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System represents the future of solder recycling, and we are excited to witness its positive impact on the industry.”

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