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  • Heraeus Electronics to Present “Al2O3, ZTA, AMB and What’s Next?” at PCIM Europe

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    Heraeus Electronics today announced that Bastian Schlüter, Global Product Manager Metal Ceramic Substrates, will present during the E-Mobility Forum at PCIM Europe. The presentation entitled, “Al2O3, ZTA, AMB and What’s Next?” is scheduled to take place May 11, 2022 at 12:50 p.m.

    E-mobility applications and rising customer expectations put pressure on the reliability,thermal performance, lifetime and price of metal ceramic substrates. Heraeus Electronics offers with Condura® a comprehensive substrate portfolio supplemented by a variety of services beyond. DCB-Al2O3 substrates (Condura®.classic) are the long-proven standard. For higher mechanical performance Zirconia-toughened DCB- Al2O3 (ZTA) substrates (Condura®.extra) are the material of choice.

    Excellent mechanical properties and a high thermal conductivity make Active Metal Brazed (AMB) Si3N4 substrates (Condura®.prime) an ideal material for high-reliable e-mobility modules. This year we welcome a new member to the Condura® family.

    Look forward to the next generation of substrates that combines individual advantages to one new substrate material. Heraeus Electronics offers a comprehensive portfolio of metal ceramic substrates to address the diverse needs of the power electronics segment, ranging from low-power application up to the most demanding industries. The Condura® portfolio consists of Condura®.classic (DCB-Al2O3), Condura®.extra (DCB-ZTA), and Condura®.prime (AMB-Si3N4).

    Heraeus’ Metal Ceramic Substrates are recommended for power electronic modules (e.g., current inverters) using MOSFETs or IGBT semiconductor elements and diodes for widespread application fields in the industrial sector: electric motor drives, e.g. in tooling machines, cranes, textile-processing equipment, automation equipment, etc. The E-Mobility Forum discusses the entire value chain around the topic of electromobility in specialized lectures. New developments and challenges in power electronics for different applications (electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, charging infrastructure, payment systems, etc.) will be considered

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