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  • Inovaxe & SmartRep Unveil Cutting-Edge Inventory Management Solutions at SMTconnect 2024

    Inovaxe SREX

    Inovaxe, a world leader and provider of innovative material handling and inventory control systems, is pleased to announce its participation at the upcoming SMTconnect exhibition, scheduled to take place June 11-13, 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany.

    In booth 4A.225, hosted by SmartRep, Inovaxe will unveil its newest advancements in inventory management, highlighting the state-of-the-art SREX Racks. These cutting-edge racks redefine efficiency in inventory management with an impressive storage capacity of up to 880 7″ reels or 480 13″ reels. Equipped with intelligent sensors, integrated lighting for part identification, and lightning-fast retrieval and return times, SREX racks streamline kitting processes, reducing time from hours to mere seconds. Seamlessly integrating with ERP, MES, MRP and Pick-and-Place software, these racks provide real-time inventory visibility and are available in various sizes and widths. ESD- compliant and equipped for Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, Inovaxe’s SREX racks offer a typical ROI realized in just 3 to 6 months, making them an indispensable investment for manufacturers.

    In addition to the SREX Racks, Inovaxe will display the IA Series Smart cart, designed to store up to 1,120 reels in less than 4.75 square feet of space. With a sleek and modern design, this series offers both full-size and half-size carts for increased mobility and flexibility. Featuring doors to secure reels and optional electronic locks for added security, these carts are equipped with ESD-conductive casters and can be made fully mobile with the addition of a battery.

    Furthermore, Inovaxe will showcase its revolutionary InoBar, designed to retrofit shelves and pallet racks, converting existing storage locations into intelligent storage solutions. Compatible with Inovaxe’s InoAuto software, InoBar offers a wide range of use cases, from dispensing bulk components to storing and locating boxes, pallets, and more.

    Finally, the LineSide Cart LS700 series is designed to further optimize SMT material handling processes. With four rows of 7″ reel storage, the LS700 model offers a maximum capacity of 320 7″ reels, all within a compact footprint of less than 2.5 square feet. For enhanced capacity, the LS700-1 model adds an extra half row of reel storage, accommodating up to 368 7″ reels. Equipped with an integrated display and standard InoAuto software, these carts boast features tailored for lineside usage, along with a built-in 1D/2D barcode scanner. Whether used as standalone storage or integrated into an InoAuto system, LS700 racks offer seamless interfacing with pick-and-place machines and MES systems, automating production operations. With the option for mobility through battery integration, these carts ensure flexibility in material handling, promising streamlined processes and improved efficiency on the production floor.

    Visit Inovaxe at the SmartRep booth 4A.225 during SMTconnect 2024 to experience the company’s inventory management solutions.

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