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  • Inventec presents evolved No Clean solder flux for selective soldering

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    Inventec presents a new No Clean low residue alcohol based flux: the Ecofrec 205.
    Selective wave soldering becomes more challenging for flux chemistries in terms of reliability since some residues remain on the PCBs after soldering may promote corrosion, and also in terms of soldering performance. Ecofrec 205 has
    been developed in response to these needs. The main benefits offered by Ecofrec 205 are:

    • Excellent through-hole wetting
    • No microballing
    • Compatible with different PCB lead-free finishing
    • Compliance with Bono corrosion test. Flux residues are chemically inert after soldering.
    • Free of halide (Fluoride, Chloride, Bromide) and halogen
    • No visible residue on printed circuit boards

    Ecofrec 205 is available worldwide in 20 l drum containers

    To learn more about Ecofrec 205 you can visit Inventec at IPC Apex exhibition, booth 1863.

    Inventec develops, manufactures and supplies soldering, cleaning and coating materials used in electronics assembly. The company specializes in high reliability and high tech applications in industries such as automotive, telecom, energy, LED lighting, rail, aerospace, military and semiconduct

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