• KIC to Discuss Revolutionary Contact-less Thermal Analysis TM at SMTA Dallas Expo and Tech Forum

    KIC Oven-Cross-Section-Probes heat transfer detection

    KIC, a renowned pioneer in thermal process and temperature measurement solutions for electronics manufacturing, will exhibit its latest breakthrough technology, Contact-less Thermal Analysis TM , at the SMTA Dallas Expo and Tech Forum. The event will take place on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at the Plano Event Center.

    In response to the ever-evolving challenges faced by today’s manufacturing industry, KIC is proud to introduce Contact-less Thermal Analysis TM , a revolutionary advancement in electronics manufacturing. This groundbreaking technology directly measures board temperatures during production, enabling real-time monitoring of temperature and convection changes.

    KIC’s Contact-less Thermal Analysis TM is designed to redefine precision in reflow profiles by directly measuring board temperature at the end of the heated section of the reflow oven during production. This innovative capability ensures unparalleled accuracy and quality in monitoring the oven’s influence on production boards, marking a monumental leap in reflow process inspection technology.

    Furthermore KIC will be introducing its new profiling software platform, Thermal Analysis System, with the addition of a new recipe optimization search mode called Common Recipe Finder TM . The Thermal Analysis System software offers a state of the art User Interface, allowing complete flexibility in reflow and wave recipe setup with a “browser-like” user experience. Common Recipe Finder TM allows you to find a single recipe for multiple assemblies, streamlining your changeover time, and improving equipment utilization and OEE.

    Visit KIC at the SMTA Dallas Expo & Tech Forum to engage with thermal process experts, learn more about Contact-less Thermal Analysis TM , and explore solutions for soldering and curing processes in electronics manufacturing and semiconductor advanced packaging.

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