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  • MicroCare™ to Showcase Innovative Cleaning Solutions at IPC Apex Expo 2024

    APEX 2024 Press Release Image

    Booth 1812

    MicroCare™ LLC, a globally recognized manufacturer specializing in high-performance fluids and tools for critical cleaning, coating, and lubricating applications, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming IPC Apex Expo 2024. The event will take place from April 9-11 in Anaheim, CA, and MicroCare will be proudly presenting its latest advancements at booth 1812.

    MicroCare will display its extensive product range, featuring cleaning fluids tailored to address the evolving PCB cleaning needs of the electronics industry. A highlight of the showcase will be the MicroCare line of 3M Novec™ replacement flux removers, contact cleaners and electronics degreasers. These tested, tried, and trusted fluids serve as excellent alternatives and are readily available for immediate global shipment. This includes the MicroCare Tergo™ line of vapor degreasing fluids. Their high densities and low surface tensions allow them to effectively clean and remove a variety of PCB contaminants.

    As the phase-out of 3M Novec™ Specialty Fluids looms by 2025, MicroCare emphasizes the importance of transitioning to alternatives now. Ray Bellavance, MicroCare Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, stated, “Don’t wait for a global shortage. Start planning your changeover now with MicroCare. With years of experience supplying precision cleaning solutions, we are here to assist customers with fluid choices, equipment upgrades and process improvements.”

    One highlighted product includes the MicroCare Universal Flux Remover which boasts a host of features that make it stand out in the market. As a safe, nonflammable HFO-based flux residue and solder paste remover, it offers superior performance while minimizing environmental impact. Both the cleaning fluid and the propellant are HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) azeotropes, promoting ozone safety and an ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

    In addition to electronics cleaning fluids, MicroCare will also feature the TriggerGrip™ PCB cleaning tool with its newly designed adapter, streamlining the installation process and providing more secure connectivity to the MicroCare flux remover aerosol cans. The TriggerGrip cleaning system targets dirty areas and eliminates overspray to reduce solvent use by 66%.

    Also featured at the event will be the Sticklers™ PRO360°™ Touchless Cleaner, specifically designed to address the growing prevalence of fiber optic components on modern PCBs. Given the delicate nature of fiber optic connectors, specialized tools are essential for their cleaning, distinct from those used for traditional PCB cleaning. The PRO360°™ swiftly and effectively cleans fiber optic connections without leaving residue, static, or causing damage. It provides over 2,000 contactless, full end face cleanings in each replaceable cleaning canister.

    “IPC Apex Expo provides the perfect platform for us to engage directly with industry professionals and demonstrate how our latest products can elevate their cleaning processes,” added Bellavance.

    Attendees are invited to visit MicroCare at booth 1812 during IPC Apex Expo 2024 to explore the full range of innovative cleaning solutions and interact with the company’s knowledgeable team.

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