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  • Nordson Test & Inspection to Showcase Advanced Semiconductor Technologies at SEMICON West 2024

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    Nordson TEST & INSPECTION today announced plans to exhibit at SEMICON West 2024, scheduled to take place July 9-11 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Visitors to booth 1233 will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of Nordson’s WaferSense® semiconductor sensors, Quadra Pro™ Manual X-Ray System (MXI), and Gen 7™ Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) system. Additionally, the innovative SpinSAM™ AMI system will be unveiled in a video presentation for the first time at the show.

    The new SpinSAM AMI system delivers industry-leading throughput with unparalleled sensitivity for accurately locating defects in wafer based assemblies. The SpinSAM’s innovative spin scanning method scans up to 4 (300mm) wafers simultaneously at 41 wafers per hour, with best-in-class defect capture and image quality.

    With 4 matched waterfall transducers, the system was meticulously engineered to attain full wafer scans in less than 6 minutes. Ideal semiconductor mid-end applications include bonded wafers, Chip-on-Wafer, stacked wafers, MEMS, over-molded wafers and more.

    Setting a new industry benchmark for 3D/2D manual inspection in back-end semiconductor applications, the Quadra 7 Pro MXI system revolutionizes the inspection experience with its Onyx® detector technology. This advancement ensures exceptional image clarity and elevated levels of precision and efficiency. The Dual Mode Quadra NT4® tube provides unprecedented flexibility. This innovative
    technology offers both brightness and resolution modes, enabling operators to seamlessly transition between them according to specific application requirements. This ensures optimal results for a wide range of semiconductor inspection needs.

    The Gen7 AMI system powered by C-SAM technology, provides fast and highly accurate inspection for detecting delamination and voiding with the most sophisticated microscope. Ideal for lab analysis and specialized high-resolution applications.

    Lastly, for front-end semiconductor tool set-up and maintenance, the WaferSense® ATS2 multi-camera sensor, paired with CyberSpectrum™ software captures offset data (x, y and z) to quickly teach wafer transfer positions in real-time without opening the tool.

    Visit Nordson Test & Inspection at booth 1233 to experience the future of semiconductor inspection and metrology technology that improves yields, processes, throughput and productivity.

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