• Pickering Interfaces to showcase latest switching modules and chassis at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 in Nuremburg, Germany


    eBirst_Press_Release-WhitePickering Interfaces, a leading provider of signal switching and instrumentation solutions used in electronic test and simulation, will be showcasing its latest switching modules and chassis at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015 on April 26-28, 2016 in Hall 7A, Booth 402 in Nuremburg, Germany. These products include:

    PXI 16A Power Multiplexer (40-662) – Careful attention to the switching design ensures that these PXI modules can carry the full 16A current on each path simultaneously over the complete operating temperature range. They are also capable of switching 300VDC or 250VAC. Applications include electric vehicles, automotive ECU testing, AC mains switching, high current power supplies, load switching, and aerospace electric drive testing.

    Differential PXI Fault Insertion Switch (40-200) – Designed for lower data rate serial interfaces such as CAN and FlexRay. These fault insertion switches allow the introduction of fault conditions such as data paths open, data paths shorted together, and data paths shorted to an externally applied fault such as power supply or ground.

    SMT_2016 Press_Release-WhitePXI BRIC Family of Large Matrix Modules and Multiplexers – With Pickering’s BRICs, the use of high-density packaging and integrated backplanes enables a large matrix to be implemented with no user configuration or special matrix expansion kits. These matrices use thru-hole relays (not surface mount) and can be serviced using standard de-soldering tools simplifying repair and reducing downtime. Our BRIC’s integrated design ensures high matrix performance with high signal bandwidth and fewer system implementation errors.

    All the PXI modules can be used in any PXI chassis, can be fitted to PXI hybrid slots in a PXIe chassis and can also be used in Pickering’s LXI Modular chassis for users preferring control via an Ethernet port.

    LXI Dual 24×8 Video Matrix Module (40-611) – This module is suitable for switching frequencies up to 25MHz. It has a characteristic impedance of 75 Ohm with the option of SMB or MCX connectors or, with a larger case size, BNC connectors. It is designed to provide a simple and scalable bidirectional matrix for video frequencies and is intended for the easy construction of high performance bidirectional matrix switching systems.

    PCI Programmable Resistor Card (50-294) – This range of PCI cards is available with two channels of 16-bit, two channels of 12-bit or four channels of 8-bit resistor chains in a single card. These cards are ideal for simulating sensors for control and management systems under test, allowing the user to verify system response in design verification or manufacturing test applications.

    New Switching System Management Tools

    • Signal Routing Software – Pickering’s new signal routing software simplifies signal routing through switching systems and speeds up the development of switching system software. This software supportsPickering’s switching modules and the interconnection between these products.
    • eBIRST™ Switching System Test Tools – new test tools can quickly test Pickering’s switching systems and identify the faulty relays. Once identified the tools then display a graphical representation of the switching system PCB assembly, highlighting the relays that need to be replaced.

    Pickering Interfaces stands behind all of their manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support. Pricing and availability information is supplied on their website


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