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    World Leaders in Selective Soldering

    Pillarhouse International will once again be exhibiting at the APEX 3 Exhibition, at Booth 923 of the San Diego Convention Center, California, USA from the 24th to the 26th of January 2023.

    For over 40 years, Pillarhouse International has been designing and manufacturing specialist soldering equipment for the electronics industries, offering an extensive range of selective soldering solutions from low cost, flexible, standalone bench top entry level systems through to advanced, high speed integrated in-line production cells.

    At APEX 2023, Pillarhouse International’s Materials Scientist, Dr. Sam McMaster, will be giving presentations regarding our upcoming, patented solder nozzle, the AP Master Nozzle.

    Dr. Sam McMaster explains, “The development of this new nozzle takes an innovative approach of combining the studies of materials science, tribology, and surface engineering to deliver a product with a greater lifetime and wettability to solder. Selective soldering utilises wettable nozzles for controlled application of solder to components, but the wetting of solder to the nozzle is part of a complex mechanism that causes wear of the nozzle due to chemical interaction between the solder and the nozzle.”

    McMaster continues by saying, “Relative mass loss of the materials in a stationary setup was analyzed to select a nozzle with a much-improved lifetime compared to the standard nozzles. High temperature contact angle analysis was used to quantify the wettability of the nozzle material with SAC305 solder in an inerted chamber. Consequently, this nozzle delivers higher quality, reliable products.”

    Pillarhouse International will also be exhibiting a range of our existing handload and in-line selective soldering machinery at APEX 2023. Our handload models will include our entry-level, benchtop, single point Pilot machine, and our enhanced, single point Jade MKIV machine. Our in-line models will include our high-speed, multi-platform Fusion machine, as well as our enhanced, flexible, Synchrodex Pro soldering module.

    Jonathan Wol, President of Pillarhouse USA, says “We are excited to preview our brand-new, patented solder nozzle, the AP Master Nozzle, at APEX 2023, showing our commitment to pioneering technologies and innovation, to reflect and match the needs of an everchanging marketplace. As well as exhibiting a range of our current selective soldering systems, we are looking forward to welcoming people to Booth 923 and connecting with the U.S. manufacturing industry at APEX once again.”

    Pillarhouse will be exhibiting at Booth 923 at APEX 2023.

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