• Revolutionizing Production: Introducing the AIMEXR


    Fuji America is thrilled to showcase the latest innovation in advanced manufacturing technology – the AIMEXR at IPC APEX booth #720. Engineered to redefine production efficiency and quality, the AIMEXR represents a significant leap forward in manufacturing capabilities.

    Equipped with state-of-the-art features and built on an advanced platform, the AIMEXR offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to meet a diverse range of production needs. Whether it’s rapid NPI support for expediting new production or seamless batch changeover for switching production types, the AIMEXR excels in delivering results.

    Key Highlights of the AIMEXR:

    1. Further Expanded Responsiveness:

    The AIMEXR boasts enhanced responsiveness, capable of handling large connectors, heavy parts, and boards prone to warping. Despite its compact size, this cutting-edge equipment offers a wide range of capabilities, facilitating flexible and efficient production operations. The adoption of the latest mounting head technology ensures high adaptability in actual production scenarios, suppressing line imbalances and maintaining optimal production efficiency.

    1. High-Quality Implementation:

    Powered by real-time sensing technology, the AIMEXR guarantees stable and high-quality mounting processes. By continuously monitoring the status of electronic components and boards, it ensures proper mounting conditions at all times, resulting in superior product quality.

    1. Fastest in Series History:

    With the integration of linear motors, the XY robot of the AIMEXR achieves the fastest mounting speed in the history of the series. This breakthrough not only enhances productivity but also sets new benchmarks for area efficiency.

    1. Stable Operation:

    The AIMEXR is engineered to support uninterrupted production, minimizing line stoppages, and maximizing availability. Its innovative features, including automatic data logging and offline maintenance capabilities, ensure swift issue resolution and seamless continuity of operations.

    1. Sustainability Initiatives:

    In line with our commitment to sustainability, the AIMEXR incorporates energy-efficient motors, reducing power consumption by 10%. Furthermore, we are actively reviewing our coatings to minimize environmental impact, underscoring our dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

    Sample Device Configuration:

    High-speed mounting of small chip components

    Production method: Dual lane production

    Supported board size: 48 x 48 mm – 1,068 x 280 mm

    Supported part size: 0201 – 7 x 7 mm, height 6.5 mm

    Mounting of medium to large and irregularly shaped parts

    Production method: Single lane production

    Compatible board size: 48 x 48 mm to 1,068 x 610 mm

    Compatible component size: 0402 to 180 x 35 mm, height 38.1 mm

    (*Additional component size variations included)

    The AIMEXR heralds a new era of manufacturing excellence, empowering businesses to achieve unparalleled levels of productivity, quality, and sustainability.

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