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  • SCS Presents ‘Electrification System Design & Advanced Conformal Coatings’ at the Battery & Electrification Summit

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    Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) is pleased to announce that Brent Frizzell, Electronics and Transportation Market Segment Manager, will present during the upcoming Battery & Electrification Summit. The presentation entitled, “Electrification System Design & Advanced Conformal Coatings” is scheduled to take place, Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 2 p.m. EDT.

    Engineers often face the difficult challenge of meeting automotive industry design guidelines while designing for severe operating environments and optimizing cost. Harsh environmental conditions, such as corrosive coastline humidity and road salt, can impact the performance of electrical systems in vehicles and EV charging stations.

    Conformal coatings provide critical systems with the protection needed to withstand the toughest conditions and meet industry design standards, including IPC-CC-830 (electronics design) and UL 94 (flammability). This session will explore how conformal coatings can be a cost-effective solution to help key systems, including battery management systems (BMS), power inverters and charging stations, function reliably.

    To register, visit https://www.sae.org/attend/battery-electrification-summit.

    For more information about SCS, please visit http://www.scscoatings.com/.

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