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  • Solderstar Reflow Shuttle O 2 Makes US Debut at IPC Apex Expo 2024

    Solderstar Apex

    Booth 2538

    Solderstar, a global leader in temperature profiling equipment for soldering processes, is set to showcase its latest innovation, the Reflow Shuttle with O 2 measurement module, at the IPC Apex Expo 2024 from April 9th to 11th. This eagerly anticipated event, to be held in Anaheim, California, marks Solderstar’s debut presentation of this advanced new technology to the US market.

    The Reflow Shuttle O 2 represents a significant advancement as the first repeatable verification tool that combines real-time oxygen (O 2) measurement in parts per million (ppm), vibration levels in three axes, vacuum reading, temperature profiles, and conveyor speed onto a single robust platform. This ground-breaking consolidation of key parameters gives manufacturers comprehensive insights to make informed decisions and optimize their reflow soldering processes to achieve higher precision in their advanced soldering applications.

    Precise control over O 2 levels is paramount in electronics manufacturing due to its potential impact on solder joint quality. Oxygen can lead to oxide formation on metal surfaces during heating, purging the reflow process with nitrogen results in improved wetting and solder joint integrity. The Reflow Shuttle O 2 enables granular monitoring of oxygen levels within each zone, allowing nitrogen consumption to be quantified and process issues detected such as oven sealing issues.

    CEO of Solderstar, Mark Stansfield said: "Reflow soldering demands precision and control. The Reflow Shuttle O 2 delivers a detailed insight into critical parameters, equipping manufacturers with the tools needed for informed decision-making and process optimization. By consolidating measurement systems onto a single, robust platform, including O 2 ppm, vibration levels, vacuum, temperature profiles, and conveyor speed, we’re providing manufacturers with the knowledge to enhance quality and efficiency in their soldering operations with a single pass through the machine.

    “We’re looking forward to introducing this solution to visitors at IPC Apex, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to advancing industry standards.

    A key feature of the Reflow Shuttle O 2 is its zone-by-zone analysis of oxygen levels throughout the reflow process. This granular insight allows manufacturers to monitor oxygen content precisely and detect nitrogen leaks throughout the oven zones, pinpointing any oxygen fluctuations. Manufacturers can use this data to optimize nitrogen consumption and ensure process quality is maintained.

    Moreover, the Reflow Shuttle O 2 offers seamless integration into existing reflow ovens, eliminating downtime during verification. Its user-friendly interface enables machine operators to initiate data collection effortlessly, facilitating immediate adjustments if irregularities are detected. The tool’s versatile design, including a specially designed battery pack and Smartlink connector, ensures uninterrupted verification across multiple production lines.

    In addition to the Reflow Shuttle O 2 , Solderstar will also showcase its zero set-up SLX thermal profiler during the exhibition. The SLX unit, renowned for its accuracy and compact design, offers comprehensive data capture capabilities, further enhancing process control and product quality.

    Attendees are invited to visit Booth 2538 at IPC Apex Expo 2024 in Anaheim, California, to see the new Reflow Shuttle O2 in action and explore Solderstar’s latest profiling equipment for reflow, wave, vapor, and selective soldering.

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