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  • Sono-Tek to Demonstrate SPT200 Photoresist Coating at SEMICON West 2024

    SPT200WS Dual

    Sono-Tek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of precision ultrasonic coating solutions, is excited to announce its participation in SEMICON West 2024, taking place July 9-11 in San Francisco, CA. Visit the company at booth 6186 to explore advanced ultrasonic coating solutions designed for precision and efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing.

    Highlighted Products and Innovations:

    SPT200 Photoresist Coating Machine: The SPT200 is designed to provide uniform photoresist coverage on deep well topographies, ensuring optimal performance for MEMs and other intricate applications. Capable of handling 100, 150, 200, and 300mm wafers, this machine leverages ultrasonic technology to form highly controlled droplets, delivering superior coating uniformity.

    Wafer Handling System: Sono-Tek’s new Wafer Handling System is tailored for higher automation and throughput, accommodating 4-8” wafers with automated wafer loading. This system enhances efficiency and precision in semiconductor manufacturing processes.

    Flexicoat System for EMI Shielding: The Flexicoat system, equipped with ultrasonic coating technology, is ideal for EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding at the packaging level. This system replaces the costly sputtering process, uniformly applying coatings over various structures while maintaining a clog free environment through our ultrasonic nozzle.

    Additional Coating Applications:

    • Polyimide Coatings and Protective Films for Dicing: Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic technology ensures uniform application of polyimide coatings and protective films, essential for semiconductor manufacturing.
    • Flux Dispensing for Flip Chip Applications: Sono-Tek’s precise flux dispensing solutions enhance the reliability and performance of flip chip assemblies.
    • Thin Film Solar and Display Applications: Sono-Tek provides advanced coating solutions for thin film solar cells and display technologies, including TCO layers, nano suspensions (CNT, graphene, nano wires), OPV polymers, AR, and Perovskite layers.

    Visit Sono-Tek at booth 6186 to learn more about the company’s cutting-edge ultrasonic spray coating solutions and how they can enhance your semiconductor manufacturing processes. For further details, visit www.sono-tek.com/industry/semiconductor/mems-semiconductor/ .

    Sono-Tek Corporation is a leading provider of precision ultrasonic coating solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. The company’s advanced technology helps customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve product quality.

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