• WPI Demos Enhanced Reality Microscope at SMTA Dallas

    Images from EASTEC 2021 in West Springfield MA. Photo by David Butler II

    WPI Vision, a division of World Precision Instruments, exhibit at the SMTA Dallas Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at the Plano Event Center in Texas. The company will demonstrate its 3D SPECTASCOPE Enhanced Reality Microscope. The new 3D SPECTASCOPE brings a new dimension of accuracy and speed to electronic assembly and inspection throughout the PCBA Industry. With a range of new patent-pending technologies, 3D SPECTASCOPE sets a new precedent for workstation throughput.

    Moving away from the traditional models of using multiple microscopes, the state-of-the-art 3D SpectaSCOPE is a fully digital, three-dimensional viewer. It offers a variable working distance, wide panning, large depth of field and self-focusing zoom to help decrease time spent in the assembly and
    inspection process, and increase the accuracy of your circuit board assembly.

    For the first time, the 3D SPECTASCOPE has increased return on investment (ROI) by solving some of the problems in the PCBA process. With patent-pending technology and intuitive copyrighted software, the 3D SpectaSCOPE inspection microscope utilizes enhanced reality screen technology with high resolution cameras.

    The 3D SpectaSCOPE lets users increase throughput while achieving greater accuracy at the highest detail. The ergonomic 3D inspection microscope features an incredible working distance of 300 mm, automatic self-focusing, integrated image capture and true 3-dimensional viewing. The 3D SpectaSCOPE is optimal for rework, through-hole assembly and inspections, and it is available in multiple configurations.

    Reduce time and errors and increase ROI by adding the 3D SpectaSCOPE into your inspection process. Available with a free 14-day try before you buy, 3D SPECTASCOPE can be tested out to prove its effectiveness on your inspection bench.

    For more information, visit www.wpiinc.com/vision.

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