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    Global SMT TV – Broadcasting Schedule

    All events are broadcast at: 7:30am PCT, 10:30am EST, 3:30pm GMT and 4:30pm CET

    ** All programs will be broadcast on https://zoom.us

    Cleanliness of PC assemblies and SIR testing techniques

    Ensuring cleanliness consistency and the dependability of SIR testing results relies on a variety of factors including the substrate material, test coupon design, paste and coating used etc. This panel will discuss how to setup and optimize SIR test coupons to achieve accurate and repeatable results.

    Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs) applications and alternatives

    The applications for ECA’s as an alternative to low-temperature solders continues to rise as the number of heat-sensitive devices rises with new applications. This panel will discuss the advantages, disadvantages and use-cases for using ECAs in electronics assembly.

    Component sourcing and supply chain visibility

    As the chip shortage starts to ease later in the year, what are the lessons learned from the recent supply chain shortage and how should OEMs and manufacturers be better-placed to manage these shocks in the future? This will panel will discuss the current status and the future trends and challenges.

    Digital Twin and establishing a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) strategy

    The use of digital twin as a tool to digitally map your board design, materials and processes helps reduce design turns and the time for NPI to reach production. This panel will discuss tips on how to optimize the process using digital twins.

    ESD challenges and strategies – what you need to know

    ESD can cause serious damage to sensitive components on board assemblies, if not carefully manages. This panel will discuss best practice for establishing an ESD strategy in your factroy.

    Head-inPillow – what causes it, how do you spot it and how do you avoid it?

    Traditionally head-in-pillow (HiP) is one of the most difficult defects to detect, This panel will look at symptoms, causes and cures.

    Attracting talent – what are the key skills needed by modern manufacturers?

    As factories modernise and automate, SMT operators need to upskill to manage the increasingly data driven environment. This panel of HR experts discuss the challenges of sourcing and hiring the right talent.

    What impact does Advanced Packaging have on “Factory of the Future”

    Large tier one companies are ahead in strategizing for Factory of the Future, but what can small to mid-sized companies learn from them?

    This webinar will review the intersection of additive manufacturing and ESD

    A current review of 3D printed ESD materials will be explored, in addition to the unique printing and processing capabilities that allow Fortify’s printers and materials to meet the requirements of electronics manufacturers.

    Using X-ray in an EMS production enviroment

    The increasing miniaturization and use of BGAs has made x-ray a “must-have” in any modern EMS factory. This panel will discuss the options and benefits of inline versus at-line x-ray inspection.

    Test standards, systems and criteria for EV applications

    As EV systems evolve, a range of standards, systems and criteria for maintaining reliability in harsh environments are being developed. This panel will discuss the current and future test landscape for EV.

    Thermal management in confined spaces

    Continued miniaturisation is increasing the challenges for designers and manufacturers to manage thermal loads within assemblies. This panel will discuss materials and methodologies to mitigate these challenges.

    Eliminating counterfeits from your supply chain

    Counterfeit components have proliferated through the Covid pandemic and have become ever-more sophisticated. This panel will discuss a range of counterfeit detection and avoidance techniques.

    Printing versus jetting and other forms of dispensing systems

    Stencil printing is still the preferred method for depositing high volume solder paste on PCBs. However, jetting systems are becoming increasingly capable and in many cases offer a real alternative. This panel discusses the pros and cons.

    High reliability in harsh environments

    As electronics manufacturing expands into new applications, an increasing number of harsh environment applications ranging from EV to Down-hole and Aerospace. This panel will discuss materials and strategies to protect electronics assemblies in these conditions.

    Storage solutions, counting systems and AIVs – how to optimize production flow

    If you don’t know what you have and where it is located, you cannot achieve JIT manufacturing and you lack the flexibility to handle a volatile supply chain. This panel discusses the biggest revolution in materials handling in recent years.

    Should OEMs taking manufacturing back in-house?

    IP protection and lack of supply chain and manufacturing visibility are driving OEMs to reconsider their outsourcing strategies, especially given the efforts to be more sustainable and reduce the length of their supply chain and carbon footprint. Is it time to reverse this process?
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