• ASML report record third quarter on back of strong EUV sales

    Oct 9, 2019 San Jose / CA / USA - ASML headquarters in Silicon Valley; ASML, a Dutch company, is currently the largest supplier in the world of photo-lithography systems for the semiconductor industry

    According to President & CEO, Peter Wennink, “Our third-quarter net sales came in at €5.8 billion with a gross margin of 51.8% — above our guidance. There is uncertainty in the market due to a number of global macro-economic concerns including inflation, consumer confidence and the risk of a recession. While we are starting to see diverging demand dynamics per market segment, the overall demand for our systems continues to be strong. This resulted in record bookings in the third quarter of around €8.9 billion of which €3.8 billion is EUV, including High-NA systems.

    We are continuing to assess and follow the new US export control regulations. Based on our initial assessment, the new restrictions do not amend the rules governing lithography equipment shipped by ASML out of the Netherlands and we expect the direct impact on ASML’s overall 2023 shipment plan to be limited.

    “ASML expects fourth-quarter net sales between €6.1 billion and €6.6 billion with a gross margin around 49%. ASML expects R&D costs of around €880 million and SG&A costs of around €265 million. For the full year, we expect revenue of €21.1 billion with a gross margin approaching 50%,” said ASML President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Wennink.

    Products and business highlights

    • In our DUV business, we shipped the first TWINSCAN NXT:2100i to a customer. This newest immersion scanner enables over 20% improvement of on-product** overlay.
    • Several customers have adopted Alignment Optimization 12 Color as process-of-record for their leading nodes. It improves wafer alignment by generating and measuring twelve wavelengths (or colors) instead of just four, ensuring a more robust alignment that reduces wafer-to-wafer overlay variation by over 20% when combined with scanner modeling improvements and alignment optimization software.
    • In our EUV High-NA business, we received additional orders for the TWINSCAN EXE:5200; all current EUV customers have now submitted orders for High-NA.
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