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  • HANZA continues to develop strongly in the second quarter


    Despite continued material shortages, HANZA expects the second quarter to develop strongly. This is due to a combination of high demand and a successful expansion program that will be completed in the current year.

    Analysts who follow the company estimate on average that sales for quarter two will be around SEK 788 million with an operating profit (EBITA) of around SEK 46 million. The company expects sales for quarter two to exceed SEK 850 million with an operating profit (EBITA) above SEK 50 million. The company sees margin growth in the segment Other Markets, while segment Main Markets continues to show strong margins.

    This constitutes all-time-high sales and earnings during a quarter. Accumulated 12 months (“rolling 12”) sales are thus expected to reach approximately SEK 3 billion with operating profit exceeding SEK 170 million.

    HANZA’s interim report for the second quarter will be published on July 26, 2022.

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