• Production ramp-up at Balluff Mexico


    In late October Balluff opened its new production facility in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The new smart factory will enable the sensor and automation specialist to achieve its planned growth while creating resilient supply chains.

    With the 7,000 square metres greenfield facility, Balluff is regionalising its supply chain and is committed to the Americas’ trading area with the EUR 50 million (USD 53 million) investment.

    “We believe that business is local and regional – and so is production. That’s why the new site in Aguascalientes plays a key role in supplying our customers in the Americas region with locally produced products, high availability and short delivery times,” says Frank Nonnenmann, managing director and head of supply chain at Balluff, in a press release. 

    Mexico is not new territory for Balluff – the sales location in Querétaro has been in operation for 21 years. Balluff also has Americas subsidiaries in Canada, the United States, Argentina and Brazil.

    Currently, Balluff has 70 employees in Aguascalientes, but that number is set to increase. The plan is to have 100 people on the team by the end of the year – and 700 by 2027 at the latest. 

    Following the successful start of production, Balluff says that it will gradually expand manufacturing in Aguascalientes. Additional assembly lines for sensor and network technology for the American market will follow.

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